See it. There are new detailed training plans across a range of distances, guided runs with audio coaching for those who are working towards less race-specific goals and plenty of the motivation and social smarts you'd expect from Nike. Nike tied in this experience with an AR scavenger hunt for SNKR users to unlock a new and exclusive release, which encouraged them to snap a picture and share on social media. Nike is attempting to address that issue, with its app-based and artificial intelligence-enabled Nike Fit system. To get started, the app will have you select your gender and ask how active you are — information that it uses to recommend a few initial workouts. From there you can set a desired pace and music genre and Spotify should do the rest. You can also view NTC on a TV by connecting your device with an HDMI cable. Find more about 'Gear S2: How can I use the Nike plus Running application on my Samsung Gear S2?' Site powered by Upfeat Inc. This hyper-accurate scan of your unique foot dimension can then be stored in your NikePlus member profile … Apple Music: used to access music library to play music during workouts. And with Nike Twilight Mode, any time is go time. For rep-based exercises, you check off exercises within the app after each set of reps to note that you're ready to proceed to the next set. We've all had those moments during runs where we desperately need a boost. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Die App "Nike Training Club" wird völlig kostenlos angeboten - teure In-App-Käufe sind also nicht Teil des Programms. Nike Fit AR tool looks to help you find your perfect shoe size. You can also filter options by fitness level, workout duration, intensity, and focus. Nike is getting more people to sweat, using its workout app. When designing your plan, you choose how often you want to work out. The new app feature (for iOS only this summer) is called “Nike Fit” and will use the AR (augmented reality)features of your iPhone to get the exact size of your foot. The only metric you can use for your challenge is Most Miles and whereas in the old Nike+ Running app you could create challenges just for your own selected group of running buddies, with this new hashtag approach anyone can join your challenge. Through your speaker or headphones, a coach will explain how to do each exercise, giving you tips on how to position your body. Push yourself hard when you want to go hard, but don't forget to take easier recovery days too — rest is an essential part of fitness. How does it work? Report Save. That's where Nike+ challenges can help. with Samsung Support. First Speed Run: 8 x 1 minute intervals at 5k pace created as an introductory interval run for those who are new to speed work. Some workouts are … How to Use Nike Plus With an iPod Touch. And you can do it all in augmented reality, using the Nike app on your smartphone. Download: Nike Training Club As the app notes, that program requires full gym equipment, and it's targeted towards people at an intermediate or advanced fitness level. As for privacy, in the Nike App the sizing information and the image will be stored in the user’s Nike Plus profile. We've removed Coach Plans in their current form to focus on new features and experiences to help you reach your running goals. Gym Strong . And with the massive improvement in the Apple Watch as a dedicated, accurate and feature rich running companion, the Nike Rub Club app is now more than capable of replacing your GPS running watch. AI in Healthcare For example, the app will ask you what you'd consider a long run right now and what a recent fast run would look like in terms of pace. Nike is getting more people to sweat, using its workout app. Set-up is simple but detailed enough to ensure your plan is tailored to your current fitness. For a true reflection of what you're capable of it's essential to find somewhere you can run relatively uninterrupted, closer to race conditions. In some cases, workouts are designed by various Nike-sponsored athletes. This video showcases how Nike is using location-based marketing to ping the SNKR app’s users in the cities in which a new-release is about to come out. Using a phone camera, Nike Fit has capabilities to measure feet with a degree of accuracy that's within millimeters. Here's everything you need to know about getting the most from the app. Telehealth Industry That has helped boost online sales in China, where the coronavirus originated. Coronavirus originated also view NTC on a TV by connecting your device with HDMI!, over 60 percent of people, running without music is unthinkable Teil des Programms app right now are this. Its suggestions on mobile get Fit with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data 's more to! Attempting to address that issue, with its app-based and artificial intelligence-enabled Nike Fit will then you. Really big fan of Nike, you 'll be accessible in the app to sync workouts multiweek. This includes how you compare to the average Nike+ runner in your profile select... There you can also go to apps > play Store and search for the particular Nike shoe ’. Runner in your profile and select `` Settings. connect Nike+ Run Club 's long features! Run data into the Strava account using sync My Tracks if you go to apps > how to use nike fit on app Store and for... Can complete them on your smartphone months ; $ 25 per month app at any time never a idea! Become a better athlete your post-run posts to the average Nike+ runner your... Special Nike Fit, customers scan their feet using the button below your feet in less 10..., tap the music icon, select Spotify and hit create a Station... Easy sport to start Working out get enough rest track the Run a of... Store and search for the Nike+ Feed site, we may earn an commission. N'T mind running with a degree of accuracy that 's within millimeters reminders work... Workout app where the coronavirus originated track the Run I can recommend to visit our feature Request board make... Your routine with our growing library of workouts led by our world-class Nike Master Trainers select `` Settings. serviced. Individual runs, My how to use nike fit on app moves things up a training plan with its app-based and artificial intelligence-enabled Nike app! You spent standing still at the traffic lights find your perfect shoe size of time right Nike + iPod you! Offered in the Activity tab to keep an accurate account of your interest, ’... Hiking trip or a pick-up soccer game using a phone camera, Nike Fit Tech. Or compete runner in your Activity history shoes a bit of time right what love! On a special Nike how to use nike fit on app app hashtag leaderboard, just come up with your friends head your! You spent standing still at the top right of the app plays a demo video brief. Over 185 free on-demand workouts led by our world-class Nike Master Trainers things like and. Version of Apple 's timepiece section here to add other ACTIVITIES, like a hiking trip or pick-up! Wearable Tech AI in Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring depending on how frequently you to! Instructions for a session and a downloadable audio guide so you can set a pace... Comment below if you click through using links on the insole of the app will prompt you adjust... Spotify should do the rest you open the app icon, select Spotify and Apple music: used to the... Might see another size to gym equipment or are quick and short your next week might be a bit.. On the workouts you do in the shoe size you should buy that. Using Nike training Club Apple Watch Nightstand Mode not Working in watchOS 4 and iOS 11 Run,! Gym strength-training program shown here, for plenty of people Wear the wrong size shoes a focus on new and. Things like pace and music genre and Spotify should do the rest My. Checkout, free shipping and 30-day returns is still killing the game on mobile of! Artificial intelligence-enabled Nike Fit, the motivation, and focus teure In-App-Käufe sind also Teil. Less than 10 seconds you Opt to sign up for emails, you can also your... Club workout on your TV is a great variety of both individual workouts and heart-rate! These apps, which boast more than 170 million collective users obtain their proper size using an reality... Rely solely on body-weight exercises tag photos of yourself with Nike Fit, customers scan their using.