One copy per person of the Bahamas immigration card. We will begin to examine both, but overall, we think the one day cruise to Bahamas is better made via plane. Ferry to Bahamas, prices, schedules and ferry tickets to Bahamas (Grand Bahama and Bimini) from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) with Balearia. We would prefer to travel by boat and we are on budget, so the cheaper the better - … The day trip to Bahamas from Miami could be made in several modes of transportation, but two main ways; by boat trip from Miami to Bahamas or Bahamas day trips by plane with Bahamas Air Tours. For that, Balearia Caribbean is preparing the safety and hygiene protocols (in its ships and passenger terminals) necessary to offer its customers safe transport, both for people and goods. Find cheap cruises from Miami to Bahamas on Tripadvisor. A day trip to Bahamas from Miami is fast and convenient. If you were wondering how long the Miami to Bahamas boat ride takes, it takes 2-3 hours over rough sea. Do you need a U.S. Passport or Passport Card? Bimini Day Cruise only $69.99* Your 1 day cruise to Bimini, can also be a 2 or 3 night Cruise to Stay™ at the Hilton Resort, Bahamas starts in Miami by boarding the Bimini Shuttle Boat. More details How long does it take to get from Miami to Bahamas? ¿How long is the ferry ride from Miami to the Bahamas? The sailing route Fort Lauderdale (Florida) - Gran Bahama (Freeport) takes 2:30 hours with the high speed ferry. The boat ride takes about three hours, but most ferries are stocked with a full bar, a casino, and duty-free shopping, making the journey an experience in its own right. However, if the traveller arrives at Bahamas Immigration on a single ticket, the owner/operator of the boat must present himself/herself and the vessel's cruising permit. Fast Ferry Info. Crossing the Gulf Stream from Miami-Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini. The journey by boat can be as short as 2.5 hours, so it's an excellent choice for a Miami to Bahamas one-day trip. Getting to this fun Island of Freeport is Easy, having a fun or relaxing time is even easier. Choose from the Bahamas Fast Ferry to Grand Bahama Island, the new Bimini Fast Ferry to Bimini, Bahamas or the Grand Celebration with traditional overnight cruise service to Grand Bahama Island. If traveling on a budget, it is smart to take the boat from Miami to Bahamas which stops in Bimini, drops passengers off, and continues to Freeport. The South Florida-based company runs ferry services from Port Everglades to Bahamian destinations including Bimini and Freeport. Once you get to The Bahamas, marinas are the safest spots to spend your nights (click here to read about a few of our favorites), and many marinas have restaurants and grocery stores on site so you don't need to provision as extensively for the crossing. Compass Key. Figuring where you should leave from, how long the trip will take, what course to steer and other details can seem overwhelming. The Bahamas may feel like a world away from civilization’s hectic pace, but they’re actually only about 50 miles by boat from South Florida. Miami to Bimini Ferry. The boat from Miami to Bahamas is the most popular mode of transport for any Bahamas day trips. Your Guide for taking the Boat from Miami to Bahamas. Crossing the Gulf Stream by boat from Florida to the Bahamas takes more planning than most routes. In this guide, we will let you know everything which will help you before boarding the Miami to Bahamas ferry. No matter what, you are looking at a 2.5-3 hour trip on any boat from Miami to Bahamas. Here is an overview of what to expect on your one day cruise to Bahamas: On a boat from Miami to Bahamas, you have two choices of destinations. The 3 hour cruise trip, to our tropical island, is the best cheapest way to get here. The website says each vessel has on-board WiFi, though, their collection of bad reviews on TripAdvisor would warn otherwise (more on that below) on ferries offered as day trips to Bahamas from Miami. Bareboat Yacht Charters Out of Miami Florida ... - Boat Miami Among the things to see by flying to the Bahamas that you won’t see via ferry are: The Compass Cay sharks are awaiting on your Bahamas day trip from Miami. There is a small catamaran ferry service that is called Balearia Express Ferries that leaves … Retrieving a jet ski at nighttime is a riskier process and it’s also not that fun being bitten by insects at the boat ramp. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to go on your destination excursions and adventures after your ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas. 2. We wouldn’t want to spend any more Miami to Bahamas boat time on schedule changes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. call 954-969-0069 to start your vacation today It should be noted that all travelers to The Bahamas must fill out an electronic travel form and have proof of a negative COVID-19 test that is no more than seven days old, among other requirements. On any Bahamas day trip from Miami, expect to arrive back to Florida after sunset around 8 or 8:30 pm. A copy of the cruising permit will be permitted for crew members who may be arriving by plane and returning by boat as their names will appear on the manifest. A boat from Miami to Bahamas sits ready to board in the port. The start of the ferry service between Florida and the Bahamas of Balearia is scheduled to be relaunched at the end of November. The journey to Freeport is also supposed to arrive before noon but rarely does that happen. Apart from Floridians, many anglers from the Carolinas trailer … Only 70 miles off the South Florida coast, The Bahama Islands are a Caribbean Sea, island paradise, only hours away by boat. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Each has its own pluses and minuses. Bahamas Express run the service daily with a sail time of just 3 hours, so jumping across to The Bahamas from Florida couldn’t be easier. Bimini Shuttle Boat Bimini, Bahamas Call today 954-969-0069. For in-depth information on the various islands please check our Bahamas section. Rome2rio makes travelling from Miami to Nassau easy. Check our offers and discounts. If traveling to the closer of the two, Bimini, the ferry website says you should arrive by 11 am, though, we have found that time to be closer to noon. The pigs of Pig Island can be reached via Miami to Bahamas ferry. Your email address will not be published. Though, beware this makes the trip longer as well. Experienced charterers have learned that the REAL Bahamas can only be seen by a private charter boat and remains one of the most unbelievable recreational cruising grounds in the world. Vessel registration documents and proof of ownership. Floridians set out from Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and even the Keys. Easily reach the destination by air, from most major cities, or by boat. No matter what, you are looking at a 2.5-3 hour trip on any boat from Miami to Bahamas. 4 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 40 min Get price Nassau to Spanish Wells Ferry. 1 Day cruise, leaves Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades, rates starting at $73 plus tax per person, for details please call 954-969-0069 To travel to the Bahamas you will need a valid passport and a re-entry VISA if applicable. Required fields are marked *. Among the many things you will see on a boat from Miami to Bahamas day trip are wonderful white sand beaches, beautiful resorts, and lively and exotic sea coral. The best way to get from Miami to Bahamas without a car is to ferry and car ferry which takes 13h 33m and costs $300 - $340. Spend your free time in the Bahamas … If that can’t bring back the romance of flying, we don’t know what can. Your email address will not be published. Fast ferry to the Bahamas from Miami (Florida). Cruise departs Fort Lauderdale, Fl at 9:00 am & check-in by 7:30 am; In November, 2020 the ferry departs Fort Lauderdale at 8:00 am (check-in by 6:30 am) ¿How long is the ferry ride from Miami to Bimini? Find all the transport options for your trip from Miami to Nassau right here. You can travel to the island with pigs (Big Major Cay) as well as viewing incredible scenes of nature and turquoise blue sea surrounding Pig Island Bahamas. Balearia says it has been certified by Bureau Veritas with the Global Safe Site Covid-19 certificate, one of the first shipping companies to receive the designation. If traveling on a budget, it is smart to take the boat from Miami to Bahamas which stops in Bimini, drops passengers off, and continues to Freeport. Aboard a private aircraft, which every seat is a window seat with the largest aircraft viewing windows in the world, you will be afforded the opportunity to see what astronauts call the most beautiful piece of Earth from space. However, as with every good thing, the boat from Miami to Bahamas comes with its downsides as well. Miami Charters vacation charter specialists can plan a quick get-away or extended yacht charter vacation to Bimini and all the Bahamas. The 29-foot boat departed from Bimini, the Bahamas, and was headed to Lake Worth Beach, Fla., officials said. Your Bahamas vacation online CLICK HERE. The government of the Bahamas has announced that it will open its borders to international tourism as of October 15, 2020. Enjoy our fast ferry from U.S. (Fort Lauderdale) to Grand Bahama and Bimini. The company’s ships also undergo “deep and extensive sanitation” before, during and after each sailing, the company said. There are many more reasons to take a one day cruise to Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale through the air, but the main reason is that we save you the time you wouldn’t have traveling by boat from Miami to Bahamas ferry. Balearia Caribbean has relaunched its ferry service from Florida to the Bahamas on July 2020, departing from Fort Lauderdale port. For the time being, and until further notice, the ferry service to the Bahamas (from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama and Bimini) and vice versa is suspended. There are 5 rides weekly between Fort Lauderdale and Freeport (Grand Bahama). Popular Ferry Operators. A boat from Miami to Bahamas sits ready to board in the port. 8 Sailings Weekly ... New Providence to Bahamas Nassau to Harbour Island Ferry. A little known fact to those interested in luxury yacht charters to the Bahamas is that, from Miami…it is often easier and faster to cruise or sail to the Bahamas than the Florida Keys! Port Royal – Gun Cay (Honeymoon Harbour) 13,86 km (8,61 mi), Day 3. We made this trip in our jet boat ( Yamaha AR240) and PWC. The 1 Day Bahamas shuttle Boat Book online Click to Book Online. Fast Ferry Service Schedule. Join us for an extraordinary fishing experience at the marina on a boat from Miami to Bahamas at Compass Cay, located in one of the most protected harbors in the Exumas. Unlike any other charter you have ever boarded, this one is going to sweep you off your feet. The Bahamas Ferry Express, High-Speed Ferry Service | The new Bahamas Fast Ferry departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and arrives in the Bahamas in a few hours. According to the FWC, about 50 recreational boats cross the Gulf Stream each day to reach the Bahamas. Then be sure to contact one of our Swimming with Pigs Experts via our contact form. Miami – Port Royal 82,63 km (51,34 mi), Day 2. Boaters are required to pay an entry fee of $150.00 for boats up to 35’ and $300 for boats over 35’ this covers up to 3 persons. Imagine 11-12 hours in transport and in waiting queues. It seems from the ferry service’s online schedule, from the time you arrive at the Fort Lauderdale ferry port until the time you return to the port at night, you will have spent 11-12 hours of your day either at the ferry ports or traveling to/ from on your boat from Miami to Bahamas. According to Baleària Caribbean’s website, the company suggests you arrive at the ferry port in Fort Lauderdale at 5:30 am — three and a half hours before scheduled departure. However, by taking the ferry, you will miss several key features of the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays that you would otherwise get the opportunity to see by taking an air tour. Freeport, Bahamas. Grand Bahama, a two-hour boat ride from the coast of Miami … Hello, we are traveling with my wife to Miami at the end of February and would like to travel to Bahamas for a one day trip. The day trip Miami to Bahamas is just over an hour versus a one day cruise to Bahamas from Miami which will take half of the day. is the website where you can find all the schedules and prices of ferry to Bahamas tickets with Balearia Caribbean, the direct fast ferry speed boat to the Bahamas from Miami (Florida). The Bahamas are just a fast ferry ride or overnight cruise away. Here you can buy ferry tickets to Bahamas and get information about schedules and prices of the ferries from Miami (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) to Freeport (Grand Bahama) and to Bimini (Alice Town). Sailing from Florida to the Bahamas: 7 days Bimini catamaran tour Day 1. There is no ferry service from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas at all. Search for great cruise deals and compare prices to help you plan your next Bahamas cruise vacation from Miami. Freeport in Grand Bahama offers the only ferry route from mainland USA with a connection from Fort Lauderdale, close to Miami. This is a glance of our journey from Miami to Exumas Bahamas for a total of 10 days in the ocean. You can choose to travel to the closest Bahamas island in relation to the United States, Bimini, which is the busiest of tourist islands outside of New Providence (Nassau), or you can opt for the further trip to Grand Bahama in the busiest cruise port of the country, Freeport, on your day trips to Bahamas from Miami. Boat from Miami to Bahamas $98 + tax. One copy per boat of the Bahamas customs clearance form. Welcome aboard! You can select your choice of a direct Miami to Bahamas ferry or one which stops in Bimini to drop passengers off before continuing on to Freeport which will only increase the time spent on the boat trip from Miami to Bahamas. Since I couldn't find any recent posts on this topic, could someone please advise? Bahamas travel couldn't be simpler. Visit buzzing local markets, relax on endless beaches, try your hand at water sports or snorkeling, marvel at waterfalls and wildlife in the jungle, or swim with dolphins. Want to book a Swimming with Pigs tour to Pig Beach in the Exumas? The island really has it going on. Though, beware this makes the trip longer as well. The other issue is that often the boat ramp is busy in the late afternoon. In small print at the bottom of the website, you are notified that the schedule can be changed at any time without notice. Proof of citizenship or passport. Summary. A Miami Bahamas tour expands your world and allows you to experience another culture and the authentic Bahamas Out Island experience. Riding a personal watercraft to the Bahamas and back in a day is great fun! Travel to Bimini island in 2 hours (2.5 hours to Freeport Grand Bahama) by boat from Miami (Fort Lauderdale port). The supply of essential goods and products to Freeport, Grand Bahama, is in effect once a week through the Balearia freight department. In coming weeks the exact date of opening of routes will be communicated. It will cost you more to stay home than to cruise and party with us. Balearia Caribbean takes you to discover the Bahamas fun. By Christina Morales MIAMI — The U.S. … The long ride home Ferry to Bahamas, Miami Bahamas ferry, Florida Bahamas ferry, Ferry to Bimini, Ferry to Bahamas, prices, schedules and ferry tickets to Bahamas (Grand Bahama and Bimini) from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) with Balearia. Miami's proximity to many Caribbean islands means a day of adventure abroad just a quick boat ride away.