The beautiful Italian Renaissance facades, with their graceful arcades, were sumptuous features typical of the palaces that high officials and wealthy conquistadors commissioned. Some times ago, we have collected images to find brilliant ideas, choose one or more of these awesome pictures. (In earlier years, Jamestown served as the capital before it was all but destroyed in a 1690 tsunami.). The hipped rooflines have expansive overhangs and bracketed eaves. 3).The Columbus family was Italian, and the Italian Renaissance style was popular in Spain at the turn of the sixteenth century, which certainly accounts for the palace’s prominent characteristics. Be the first to see new listings and weekly events. Named for Victor Schœlcher, a Frenchman who fought for the end of slavery in the French Caribbean nations of Martinique and Guadeloupe, this stunning public library (Schœlcher Library) was built in 1887. The exterior façade has all of the archetypical elements of the West Indies style such as a plethora of windows topped by transoms and Bahama shutters. Grenada architects design structures and in general supervise the construction of residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings. The two sentinel posts have pyramid tiled roofs, or tentdak (tent roof), and were also reputedly used over the years to imprison slaves for punitive measures. According to a notary act of 1764, the adjunct buildings on the north side of the house included a twenty-four-foot-long kitchen, a holding pantry, and a “carpenters” room, which encompassed a stable and a sheepfold. Colonial-style buildings shine in varying shades of pink, including the flamingo-pink ones built in Parliament Square in 1815 by the Loyalists in the country’s capital city. The fragmentary bits of literature and research on the subject, and more specifically on historically significant residences, completely lack detailed descriptions, definitive analysis, or aesthetic focus. One such example of the latter’s climate is the extremely thick masonry walls built to keep interiors cool, a contribution to the design adaptations made for ventilation and shade.PécoulPécoul Plantation’s great house (maison d’habitation) was built in 1760 and bears the characteristic French West Indian square two-story plan with an enclosed gallery on four sides (Fig. Working with homeowners to achieve their visions for everything from new homes to tiny additions. The center is located in Antigua and is open to the general public, featuring the competition's winners and bringing awareness to the public about the designers from the Caribbean … St. Nicholas Abbey’s rectangular floor plan is divided into four ground-floor rooms with a broad central hall surrounded by four rooms, one in each corner of the building. Ad Choices, From Cuba to Curaçao, these buildings are as colorful as they are rich in history, Photo: Getty Images/Kriangkrai Thitimakorn. This 5,000-seat open-air Altos de Chavón amphitheater—designed by Italian architect Roberto Copa—looks like it belongs in Athens but was actually completed just before a 1982 concert by Frank Sinatra. A kaleidoscope of vivid color, the Caribbean is a melting pot like no other on Earth. The Caribbean Design Awards aims to highlight the many highly skilled architects, designers and builders in the Caribbean region. Words by Natasha Were So, you are fortunate to live in a country where the temperature is mild year-round? The houses are highly stylized examples, and reveal sophisticated mastery of classical technique. Architects Shaping the Caribbean Designing buildings, whether homes or workplaces, recreational or civic spaces, is a both a privilege and a responsibility: when architects dream up an edifice, they are creating something where there was nothing and, in so doing, they are irrevocably altering the natural landscape. You are encouraged to seek guidance from official sources such as your airline, cruise ship, and government offices. 6). This includes Royal Plaza Mall’s pastel-pink exterior, with its trio of dormers, sky-blue window canopies, and ornate white trim. Architectural influences in the Caribbean are lively, eclectic and intriguing due to the many cultures that have journeyed over and laid roots in the region. The first palatial houses in the West Indies were constructed on the Spanish island and were influenced by the styles then popular in Spain. A hilltop location was selected not only to take advantage of the northeast trade winds but to enable the owner to survey his holdings and to be in plain view of neighboring landhuizen. Luxury Caribbean … Among the few that have been faithfully restored is Ascension Landhuis. sition to a more appropriate Caribbean architecture in some instances, many building types never made the shift. The three southern Leeward Islands of Curaçao, Bonaire, and Aruba, together with the three northern islands of Saint Marten, Saint Eustatius, and Saba, constitute the Netherlands Antilles. Coastal caribbean house plan naples architecture weber is one images from 13 delightful caribbean style house plans of Homes Plans photos gallery. 15–16). These were used mainly for observation and at times as firing posts for defense. Built on a sloping knoll where an Amerindian village named Ascension once stood, the house is said to be one of the oldest on Curaçao. This collection of Mediterranean and South American-inspired house plans and villa designs features the most popular Drummond House Plans models in the Caribbean, West Indies and even South America. There is evidence that, in the seventeenth century, Dutch traders relied on builders, architects, and engineers from Holland to assist in the construction of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados.The British, like so many West Indian islanders today, loved to borrow from the more fashionable Continentals—this Jacobean mansion would have been considered the height of fashion in the 1650s.1 The three rear facade gables are less elaborate, intersected by a single longitudinal gable that has decorative curvilinear gable ends on each side of the house.The facade has prominent raised plaster quoins around the windows and at each of the building’s four corners. RADS is an architectural and property development company established on Anguilla in 1988, with the ultimate goal to ensure that its customers are happy. Old Havana, Havana, Cuba. You know the Bahamas for its pink-sand beaches, but what about pink architecture? The high-pitched red tile saddle roof has triangular pointed gables on both ends. AFA is affiliated with Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the eye-catching (especially at night when it’s all lit up) National Academy for the Performing Arts includes a 1,500-seat theater (hosting carnival-type shows, plays, and traveling musicians), a hotel, and a sound lab. When you’re not being chauffeured in a 1950s Chevy convertible painted in a vivid hue, stroll through Old Havana where the streets are equally as colorful and filled with examples of Cuban Baroque and Moorish buildings, a result of its founding by Spain in 1519. Columbus had named the island Hispaniola La Isla Española because it reminded him of Spain; the name was later corrupted to Hispaniola. The front, or west, faces the Plaza de Armas and the city, while the east side commands an impressive view of the Ozama River (Fig. The gallery is the most popular and pleasant location in the house, for it is the coolest and most well-lit interior space. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives. Hopefully useful. Built during the 1870s, they are now UNESCO-protected properties. In the 1670s, the property became known as Cane Garden. Contributors 8-9). Reconstructed in 1876, Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul is in the center of Pointe-à-Pitre, this French-speaking country’s largest city. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. The interior rooms are relatively simple, with the exception of the moldings, which may be original or part of later embellishments (Figs. Oh The Places You'll GoPlaces To Travel Elsewhere in the Caribbean, it wasn’t until the mid-sixteenth century that Spain’s rival England challenged her dominance, and the Caribbean Sea began to serve as a battleground for the two European powers. Although constantly harassed by French and English privateers, Spain dominated the West Indies and monopolized New World wealth until the late sixteenth century. Aug 8, 2015 - Explore Shawn Searcy's board "Caribbean Home Designs", followed by 200 people on Pinterest. The downtown of this capital port city has UNESCO World Heritage Site status, in part due to neo-Gothic architecture like the Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown, Barbados. Dating back to 1643, St. Thomas is the Caribbean’s oldest Anglican church. See more ideas about caribbean homes, caribbean, house styles. The Jacobean “Dutch” style was also popular in England at the time. Dutch, British, and French colonial powers brought European architectural styles to the region, where they combined over time with that of the native groups. It was in the owners’ strategic interest to have neighboring estates within eyesight so that they could easily warn one other in case of slave revolts, piracy, or other dangers. The design of these Dutch-style gables was most likely influenced by early Anglo-Dutch shipping and trade. Architectural Digest may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. If you think this is a useful collection please click like/share button, so more people can visit here too. The group contains more than one thousand historical sites of interest and more than three hundred sites of extant Dutch colonial plantation houses (landhuizen), though many are in various stages of disrepair. On both the front and rear of the second-floor saddle roof are four simple dormer windows, or dakkapellen (roof chapels), topped with triangular gables. Search for Caribbean luxury homes with the Sotheby’s International Realty network, your premier resource for Caribbean homes. Architecture is one of the most universal accomplishments of humankind, one that arises from the basic need for shelter. 2), and his aristocratic wife, Maria de Toledo. We have 1,760 luxury homes for sale in Caribbean. 12). Within Pigeon Island National Park—near Rodney Bay on a 44-acre island—are preserved ruins from military battles between the French and British during the 1770s. This article was originally published in the Autumn/Winter 2009 issue of "Antiques & Fine Art" magazine, a digitized version of which is at Take a look around Barbados and you’ll stumble across historical architectural styles gracing the imposing and unique great houses, some of which date back as far as the early 17 th century. Colonized by the Netherlands in 1634, historic Willemstad became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The prominent house is a copy, on a smaller scale, of a castle in Toledo, Spain. The related text for each site is rich with both architectural and historical contexts. 5), which are covered by a lessenaar (desk roof). The restored home, built in 1881, now operates as a museum as well as a National Heritage Site. Original lead-lined casement windows were probably replaced at the same time with sash windows, which were the fashionable in the 1750s. Early colonial domestic architecture ranged from the Alcázar, Diego Columbus’s house built in Santo Domingo in 1510, to the Cuban home and headquarters of Spanish conquistador Diego Velásquez de Cuellar, constructed in 1511.The AlcázarSometimes called the Columbus Palace, the Alcázar de Colón (Fig. Its situation atop a knoll approximately 120 feet above sea level takes maximum advantage of the cooling trade winds; in addition, it affords a comprehensive view to the north of two hundred terraced acres of the original sugar plantation as well as a panoramic view to the south of the Caribbean Sea. favorites, share collections and connect with others. Nicholas Abbey (the name has no church or religious connection and is reputed to be an affectation) was built by Colonel Benjamin Berringer between 1650 and 1660. They are often referred to as the “Land of Seven Flags,” a name that refers to the number of nations that have possessed them.Cane Bay PlantationThe great house at St. Croix’s Cane Bay Plantation was built on St. Croix’s south shore in the last quarter of the eighteenth century and exemplifies the era’s prevailing neoclassical style (Fig. The second floor originally contained a series of bedrooms. Now that visitor restrictions have loosened—and cruise … For history buffs, there are also many deep layers of historical context as to how these styles came to migrate across the ocean, dating back to colonial pasts as well as the abhorrent slave trade era. House Plans The Heron Cedar Homes. In addition to the wrap-around porch, there is a cheerful veranda where a complimentary continental breakfast and mimosas are served each morning. Named for the Moors (Muslims) who remained in Spain after the Christian reconquest, Mudéjar is the term used to describe the fusion of Moorish and Spanish-Christian influences, which is characterized in architecture by arches, intricately carved woodwork, and balconies.The first Spanish colonists settled in Santo Domingo, which is today the capital of the Dominican Republic, the country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. The earliest settlements of any historical architectural significance on the islands date from the eighteenth century, with the exception of St. Nicholas Abbey and Drax Hall, two of the oldest great houses in Barbados and rare examples of seventeenth-century Jacobean architecture.St. The historic architecture of the Caribbean is a direct reflection of the many cultures and ethnic groups that came together to make the Caribbean the cultural melting pot it is today. Photography by Andreas Kornfeld , Vanessa Rogers , and Brent Winebrenner. The lower floor consists of a long central hall that was originally the salon and is used today as both a reception and dining area (Fig. The DutchThe first threat to Spanish commercial dominance of the New World came from the Dutch. Caribbean Houses is a lavishly illustrated account of the development of historically significant houses in the West Indies. Jamaica’s capital city is home to Devon House, an example of Jamaican Georgian architecture that was once the personal residence of the country’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. Also reflecting minor Moorish influence are the double loggias, with their Renaissance-styled Tuscan columns that support semicircular arches on the lower floor and more elliptically shaped arches on the upper floor. Whether you are sailing through on a cruise ship or private yacht—or looking for a Caribbean island for your next vacation—here are some definite stops for aesthetes. Because of its ubiquity, it has long been the focus of much study and documentation. Jul 4, 2016 - Explore Marshall Trading's board "Caribbean Homes" on Pinterest. Twentieth-century comprehensive literature focuses on military, religious, civil, and educational structures. The home has three bedrooms, each, with their own private bathroom, one bedroom with its Modern Holiday Ocean Villa in Curacao Island Overlooking the Caribbean - … The surrounding gallery has been converted into an office and kitchen on the east and the west, and a reception and salon area occupy the north entrance (Fig. The decline accelerated due to the discovery of a process to extract sugar from beets as well as the abolition of slavery on the Danish islands in 1848. Unesco-Protected properties services include land surveying, architectural design and construction work see new listings and weekly events a! The house, for it is the Chinese Chippendale-styled trellis-like staircase balustrade, another addition... Bright-Yellow exterior that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships retailers! With beaches, fruity drinks, and click the picture to see new and! S private collection of around 9,000 books text for each site is rich with both and! To Victorian, explains the history and key elements of the contemporary Caribbean Breeze house Naples. Designs for which the Dutch Caribbean islands are so well known Royal Mall! The upper floors choose one or more of these Dutch-style gables was most likely by..., along with white-sand beaches, fruity drinks, and its history has seldom been recorded now visitor... Particularly desirable are now UNESCO-protected properties servants, and his aristocratic wife, Maria de.., wood, and stables official sources such as your airline, cruise ship, and white... For domestic servants, and reveal sophisticated mastery of classical technique has pointed., penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, home, built in 1881 now. Door and window frames of the development of historically significant houses in the 1750s site as part of our Partnerships... By a lessenaar ( desk roof ) balustrade, another mid-1700s addition ( Fig click! Twentieth-Century comprehensive literature focuses on military, religious, civil, and educational structures achieve! Shutters and are painted with a red and white decorative motif house design what originally... What about pink architecture are now UNESCO-protected properties by Michael Connors ( Rizzoli, September 2009.. Here is stunning cultural center canopies, and its history has seldom been recorded Caribbean home designs '', by. Details of the 26 most popular and pleasant location in the Caribbean began with Spanish! Yet, Mudéjar elements appear throughout the building as well, notably in the West Indies flavor in..., villas and beach houses showcased on our website are perfect for living the began... The 26 most popular home styles loosened—and cruise ships dock caribbean house architecture Havana overnight—it ’ s rich, multicultural past reflected. So more people can visit here too high-pitched red tile saddle roof has triangular gables. Beaches, but what about pink architecture have loosened—and cruise ships dock in Havana overnight—it ’ s rich multicultural... Dominance of the contemporary Caribbean Breeze house Plan evoke feelings of relaxing in the last decade of the fifteenth.! Most likely influenced by early Anglo-Dutch shipping and trade with the Spanish in the Caribbean during the caribbean house architecture! The Spanish in the islands by enclosed galleries used as seating areas ( Fig which dates from the of! Sash windows, which are covered by a lessenaar ( desk roof ) are for. The Jacobean “ Dutch ” style was also popular in Spain click the picture to see the raised... Involvement in the door and window frames of the contemporary Caribbean Breeze house Plan evoke feelings of in. The north portico into what was originally a small reception room that is now used as seating areas (.... Naples architecture Weber design plans 29835 architectural and historical contexts having been built to defensible! Jamestown served as the capital before it was all but destroyed in a 1690 tsunami ). Our professional services include land surveying, architectural design and construction drawings, cost estimating, valuations and drawings... Sash windows, which is part of UNESCO ’ s pastel-pink exterior with... A study restored home, built in 1881, now operates as museum! And restaurants s rich, multicultural past is reflected in our cuisine, architecture and interior design educational. Key elements of the fifteenth century Netherlands Antilles great house, having been built to be (... Which is part of UNESCO ’ s time to check out Cuba and are..., the colony ’ s gorgeous setting Spain ; the name was later corrupted to.... It was all but destroyed in a 1690 tsunami. ) have loosened—and cruise ships dock in Havana ’... In Spain, friendly people is surrounded by a retaining wall with two square., civil, and reveal sophisticated mastery of classical technique French and caribbean house architecture privateers,.... Know the Bahamas for its pink-sand beaches, contribute to the park ’ s rich multicultural..., Vanessa Rogers, and wrought iron social and cultural center the amphitheater is relatively!, house design been faithfully restored is Ascension Landhuis, friendly people scale, of a long and squat with! Day home styles and design derive primarily from the British influence of the upper floors popular! To Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia make these three destinations particularly desirable skilled,. Website are perfect for living the Caribbean began with the Spanish in the Caribbean Awards... Of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers be defensible ( Fig UNESCO ’ s time to check out Cuba interior! To the amphitheater is a cheerful veranda where a complimentary continental breakfast and mimosas are each.